Mood Food

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I’m a huge believer in food as medicine, food energetics and nutritional eating. Not just for physical disease, but also for emotional balance. If you eat well, you feel well!

The latest medical research backs up the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory that our digestive is a thinking, feeling system which makes up a significant quantity of our experience of life.

Our digestive organs contain a third of our grey matter- the enteric nervous system, containing 100 million neurons embedded in the walls of our digestive tract, which measures about nine meters end-to-end.

This is more neuronal tissue than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system. So there is a direct relationship to the balance of emotions we feel, our gut health, the food we eat, the balanced function of these organs systems, meridians and the balance of our entire body.

Essentially “we are what we eat” and the saying a “gut feeling” is more valid then we give it credit for. A happy, relaxed digestive system is a happy, relaxed mind and vice versa or Yin Yang!


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